How to do properly and FAQs

What We Do

Our morning routine involves taking a shot of EVOO thirty minutes before the first meal. To do this, squeeze it onto a tablespoon, and gradually increase from half to one tablespoon, taking it slow at the start.

Why We Do

Consuming a small dose of EVOO in the morning offers various benefits, including enhanced digestion, improved brain function, lowered blood sugar response, and better hormone regulation.

Want to try it? Know this

Starting a new practice can be overwhelming, especially not knowing what to expect. Here's some common questions and answers to help.

 When starting a daily EVOO shot routine, how soon can I expect to see effects (digestive, physical, cognitive, etc.)?

Personal healing journeys vary, so effects depend on individual factors. Patience is crucial; check in weekly to observe changes like reduced bloating or improved energy levels.

What are the common benefits noticed by those committing to this regimen?

Responses vary, with improved energy levels and overall well-being reported. Positive thoughts and belief in the practice can influence healing experiences, supported by scientific concepts like the placebo effect.

Are there common side effects of taking EVOO on an empty stomach?

The main side effect is the potential need to use the bathroom, seen as a positive detox. High-quality EVOO poses minimal risk; excessive consumption may lead to this effect, but generally, there's little concern.

If taken for digestive benefits, when should one eat after an EVOO shot?

Wait 15-30 minutes for digestive enzymes to kick in, aiding efficient food breakdown. Experiment with timings to find what works best.

Does it matter when EVOO is taken if not for digestive benefits?

Absorption is the key. Unlike medications, EVOO, with its healing properties, can be taken on an empty stomach for maximum benefit, ensuring absorption of anti-inflammatory properties.

These Q&A sessions aim to provide clarity and guidance, let us know if you decide to give it a crack! Only try this with high quality "EXTRA VIRGIN" Olive Oil.
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