Essential Tips for Keeping Your Olive Oil Fresh


At Olio, we ALWAYS ensure our extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is of the highest quality available. Unfortunately, EVOO is quite delicate, and even premium quality EVOO can lose its quality if it's not stored and preserved correctly.

There are four main factors that can lead to the deterioration of EVOO: light, time, temperature, and oxygen. Being organic, its quality and taste naturally decline over time, and these four factors can accelerate this process.

Study has highlighted that even brief periods of incorrect storage can reduce the quality of olive oil to the point where it can no longer be classified as extra virgin.


When we designed our squeezable bottle, we deliberately chose black for two reasons: first, to protect the EVOO from oxidation, and second, because it complements our label beautifully. Prolonged exposure to light can cause EVOO to lose many of its valuable nutritional benefits. The Australian researchers found that light exposure significantly reduced the antioxidants in EVOO, especially α-tocopherols, and increased K268, which indicates the formation of compounds that create unpleasant flavors. Light exposure also affected the natural sensory qualities of EVOO, to the extent that they became nonexistent or even unpleasant. We always recommend storing your bottle away from direct sunlight to preserve the oil's health benefits and its golden goodness for as long as possible.


Interestingly, the study discovered that while light exposure decreased certain antioxidants in the oil, it had little effect on polyphenols. However, they observed a natural decrease in polyphenols over time, even when stored in the dark. That's why we include the harvest date on all our bottles, as olive oil is at its best when it's young and fresh. While proper storage can extend its shelf life, its overall quality naturally starts declining a few months after milling, especially after the bottle is opened. That's why we recommend buying only as much olive oil as you can consume within six months of opening it. Most people use up a large bottle (400ml) every 2-4 weeks, so plan accordingly.


To minimize oxidation and preserve EVOO for as long as possible, it should ideally be stored between 59°F and 68°F. While it might be convenient to keep your EVOO next to the stove or oven for easy access, this can cause the oil to deteriorate faster. So, it's best to store your EVOO in a pantry or cabinet.


It's crucial to seal your oil tightly when not in use because prolonged exposure to air will cause the EVOO to deteriorate quickly and become rancid. To maintain quality for our valued consumers, Olio packages all our bottles with an airtight twisty seal top, providing easy access to your oil while minimising exposure to oxygen.

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