The key to a remarkable Caprese salad lies in the quality of its ingredients. That's why it's a summertime essential, showcasing the peak freshness of Olio, tomatoes and basil. Here's what constitutes it:


  • Tomatoes: Invest in the juiciest tomatoes available. Whether opting for organic heirloom tomatoes or plum tomatoes, ensure they are ripe, with no trace of green and on the verge of bursting.

  • Mozzarella: Once again, avoid cutting corners with cheaper options. Choose a generous ball of fresh, creamy, authentic mozzarella (mozzarella di buffalo is also an excellent choice) for that ideal texture, typically packed in water.

  • Fresh Basil: Pluck the leaves directly from the plant right before serving, if feasible. Aim for a vibrant green color and a fresh aroma, evoking the sensation of strolling through an Italian garden.

  • Olive Oil: As you may have gathered, freshness is paramount with olive oil. Select an our outstanding cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil with a hint of bite. Q uality is crucial. 

  • Balsamic Vinegar: While not considered classic or necessary in a caprese salad, I must admit my fondness for it. Especially when transformed into a balsamic reduction, it adds a thick, sweet, and delightful touch. Feel free to include or omit it according to your preference!

  • Salt and Pepper: Opt for a flaky salt for that perfect texture. Avoid using table salt. Finish with freshly cracked black pepper for that final touch.




STEP 1. Slice the tomatoes and mozzarella. Once sliced, arrange them alternately in layers on a plate. You can create a vertical row of layers or arrange them in a circular pattern, whatever your heart desires. The emphasis is on presentation here!

STEP 2. Place the basil leaves between the layers of tomatoes and mozzarella, adding a few baby leaves on top. Next, generously drizzle olive oil and balsamic reduction over the arrangement, and sprinkle with salt and pepper just before serving. Finally, it's time to find someone to enjoy this fresh, delicious salad with!

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