Making our favourite foods more available, the industrialisation of food production has also turned them into commodities. We know that there are strong ties between government policies and big food companies, which questions the accuracy of what we learned about healthy eating when we were kids.

There's a lot of proof connecting pesticide exposure to more cases of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and issues with the brain and reproduction (like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, ALS). This challenges shows we need to think differently about how we produce our food.

Navigating the current food choices can be an annoying task, given the infinite conflicting information available. It's disheartening that as consumers, we find ourselves compelled to engage in extensive research due to a lack of trust in the the food systems. Opting for local and fresh ingredients becomes a beacon of reliability, assuring us of both freshness and top-notch quality.

While I won't delve extensively into the intricacies of the seed oil debate, it's crucial to recognise the enduring wisdom in maintaining a diet that is simple and clean, for the betterment of our health. This involves steering clear of heavily processed foods, ingredients that appear made in a science lab rather than in our kitchens, and relying on our instincts, quite literally listening to our gut.

Let's shift our focus to Olio's Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a testament to simplicity in its purest form. Composed of one ingredient – South Australian olives – this culinary gem originates from organic cultivation, meticulously nurtured with care and love in the fertile grounds of McLare Vale. Here, there's no amalgamation of aged or undesirable olives; only the freshest and most recent harvest, ensuring an unparalleled freshness and quality that resonates with every drop.

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